WHO IS Sukenya Best?  

"The body has been a prevalent tool for Sukenya  to create abstract foot prints, paint representational portraits, and ...dance."

Often times as an artist Sukenya flows through different art mediums, and focuses on the process of making art. The body has been a prevalent tool for Sukenya to create abstract foot prints, paint representational portraits, and combine the act of dance. As a believer in the divine presence of God, she also accepts that her body is the vessel used to create ideas and visions shared (from Him) in this earth. The fact that she can make it visible in her style, excites her.


Sukenya's artwork is colorful, rhythmic, and personable. Much of her inspiration comes from her Northern and Caribbean roots that adresses social issues regarding cultural interaction and division. She  owns an online market place where she produces custom made art, cards, pillows, and handbags.

Short Bio:

Sukenya Best is a printmaker, painter, and dancer. She is an alumnus from the University of  Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK), where (in 2007) she earned a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Studio Arts: Printmaking. In 2001, she graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University's (VCU) Department of Painting and Printmaking. Before Sukenya received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she studied abroad to Europe and Africa. 

 Sukenya was an art Instructor at Virginia Union University, where she taught visual art courses in the Fine Arts Department. As faculty, she attended a college tour-abroad trip to Italy and France, and afterwards she published a cartoon book called Chocolate Bella. Her book is available for purchase through Lulu, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


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Photo by Petite Shards Production

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