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Requesting a Portrait Painting 


Sukenya's style of painting is bright, colorful, expressive, and layered. She

embraces a clear light source, loose brushstrokes, and interesting textures.


 Original Acrylic Paintings on stretched canvas (unframed).


16 x 20 inches

18 x 24 inches

30 x 40 inches

36 x 48 inches


To inquire about prices email

 Price will increase for more than one person in the painting and level of intricacy

in the background.



*Portraits will require a pre-payment, and paying in stages can be discussed.

*Upon agreement a contract will be available for signing. 

*Clients will have a chance to view the sketches before Sukenya finalizes the piece.

*Delivery and shipping expenses are not included.



   The original image (a photograph):

      Clients will discuss and select a photograph that they already own or will capture specifically for the painting size.

The best photographs are the ones that have clear lighting and are high in quality. Selected photographs are to be emailed to


Discuss with client:

Choices of the canvas size and format (horizontal or vertical).

  Positioning of Figures: frontal, profile, or angled 

 *Full figure

        *Head & shoulders

            *Half figure/upper torso   


   Environment and Lighting:

    Natural lighting=outside    or      Artificial lighting=indoor

   Props and Color Choices:

 Color choices, wardrobe, and setting can be influenced by your nationality, career, beliefs, personality and/or imagination.

      Choice of facial expression will reveal character, mood, or emotion expressed in the painting.


   *Under normal circumstances, 

         once the painting has started it will take 3-5 months to complete.

Feel free to visit this website to see examples under Galleries.

Continued discussion will occur with email at or by phone.


Thank You, for allowing me to provide this service & referrals are appreciated!

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